Managed Services

LCI’s Managed Services provide support for both hardware and application software systems.

We support systems on a wide range of hardware platforms - iSeries, RPG, IBM mainframes, and HP 3000s to name a few – to a range of software written in most any language.

We know that your legacy systems are as good as gold – providing the competitive advantage that you’ve built over the years. And that will continue to sustain you in the years ahead. We take pride in overseeing the caring of such systems.

Not all legacy systems are on ‘old’ platforms of course.  Once your newly developed custom software solution has been deployed – whether we helped build it or not - LCI offers ongoing support and maintenance of each project. It might be that your development team needs to focus on their next development effort. Or you’ve purchased third party software that your staff doesn’t have the technical knowledge to maintain. LCI has several options for situations like these to put your mind at ease.

LCI can help you with your Managed Services needs. Contact us at 763-425-7567.