Network Support

In the same way that organizations must look at their production application support, it’s also important to look at your network support costs. LCI provides network support on a wide variety of platforms – from UNIX, LINUX, HP-3000, mainframe boxes to Windows servers and clients.

24X7 monitoring with Sunburst

In response to what we saw as a growing need at a client site, LCI engineers created Sunburst — a service that includes an intelligent net appliance — to proactively monitor clients’ IT systems. The response to this solution has been stellar.

For each client, we customize a Sunburst device and install it on the client’s network to monitor applications, devices and processes — whether on NT, UNIX, LUNIX or MPE/iX. Whenever an error occurs, an LCI support consultant is alerted so they can take appropriate actions.

Sunburst is a complete enterprise monitoring service that provides:  

  • Custom configuration
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Real-time, end-to-end tracking of enterprise events
  • Immediate notification of enterprise problems (intelligent alert)
  • Notification of events that fall outside of the norm
  • Trending data on performance

Sunburst monitor/tracks:

  • end-to-end connectivity
  • application availability
  • application process health
  • response times
  • device status
  • network performance
  • spoolers
  • disc utilization

LCI can help you with your Network Support needs. Contact us at 763-425-7567.